“You should come to this school because it is the best school ever!” Evie and Leah - Year 4

Staff List

Staff List 2017 - 2018

Executive Headteacher - Mr D Hewitt

Head of School - Mr J Lumber

Deputy Head of School - Mrs K Amabile


Mr C Barton – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K Beeston - Year 6 Support Teacher

Miss R Berry – Year 6 Teacher

Mr L Boughton – Year 6 Teacher

Miss N Chesters - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs K Dean – Year 4 Teacher

Mr M Dunne – Year 5 Teacher 

Mrs R Evans – Year 5 (Teacher & Year Leader)

Mrs L Fish – Year 4 Teacher

Miss H Foulger – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs V Haylock (Year 6 Teacher & Year Leader)

Mrs L Lock – Year 5 Teacher

Mr D Morris – Year 4 Teacher

Mrs D Murray – Year 4 Teacher

Mr J Paterson – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs L Tarchetti - Year 3 Support Teacher

Miss E Tudhope – Year 5 Teacher

Miss L Vooght (Year 3 Teacher & Year Leader)

Miss L Upson (Year 4 Teacher & Year Leader)

Mrs S Wakley - Year 3 Teacher

Miss H Willis – Year 3 Teacher


Mrs R Cox - SENCo

Mrs A Brown - Pastoral Care Manager

Mrs L Miller - Pastoral Care Worker

Mr G Amabile - School Business Manager

Mrs J Lundon - Administration Manager

Mrs L Davies - HR / Finance Officer

Mrs T Sandford - HR / Finance Assistant

Mrs J Edwards - Administrator/Receptionist

Mrs S Jeffery - Office Assistant

Mrs J Holloway - Practical Assistant

Mr S Middleton - Site Manager

Mr S Bhopale - IT Manager


Mrs M Brzek

Mrs L Weston


Mrs C Boswell

Mrs E Burt

Mrs N Chambers

Mrs A Owen

Mrs N Martin

Mrs R Parker

Mrs J Reed

Mrs F Revill

Mrs E Rivers

Mrs C Ross 

Mrs D Ruffell

Mrs A Smith

Miss J Gaskin

Mrs L Palmer

Mrs D Wernham

Miss T Hepburn

Mrs S Jordan

Mrs M Lockyer

Mrs K Rixom

Miss N Foley

Mrs T Woodrow

Miss C Harnett

Mr S Middleton – Swimming Coach

Miss K Fripp – Sports Coach


Mrs K Green – Midday Assistant Supervisor

Mrs K Rolls

Mrs L Wilcock

Miss E Meachin

Mr P Newman


Mrs E Burt

Miss T Hepburn

Mrs L Miller

Mrs L Weston

Mrs S Jordan

Mrs A Smith

Mrs M Brzek

Mrs C Ross

"This year we have introduced some new workshops to explore what 'Anti Bullying Week' means to us as a school. We looked at how random acts of kindness can bring a smile to peoples faces and how important it is to recognise our strengths and all the things that make us unique and awesome! " Laurena Miller - Pastoral Care Worker