“I love this school because it has a wide variety of things to do. ” Logan Yr 6

Home Learning

We would strongly encourage all children to do any written task or learning challenges in a quiet environment; however we do not want this time to be stressful. Should you have any concerns, please contact your child's teacher.

General principles for home learning to be successful

  • All children will be set home learning tasks, as outlined in the school policy and brochure.
  • This will involve a whole range of activities and tasks and won't always require formal written tasks, we may ask children to research something or talk to adults (this is known as 'talk homework').
  • Parent/carers will be notified when children continually choose not to complete tasks.
  • Children should write their home learning tasks in their home-school diary. This diary is also an important means for parents/carers and teachers to communicate with each other.

Below are some links, organised by subject, that children can use to further their learning at home.




General websites

"A school is a school but our school is a home. " Holly Yr 5