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PE and sport news – March 2019

Wow! What a busy month for PE and sport it was! Here’s a monthly round-up of all the exciting things that happened during March.

06.03.19 – Y5/6 Football HPJS v Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary School

The Y5/6 football teams continued their fantastic journey through the football season with a tough quarter final match against Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary School. This was the first time for many years that HPJS had reached this stage of the competition however you wouldn’t be able to tell by their performance. HPJS shown brilliant composure and decision making skills on the ball and produced a hard working performance against a very competitive and well organised opponent. HPJS recorded the win which progresses them into the semi-finals. Well done to all the boys. The whole school is very proud of your achievements and attitudes.

07.03.19 – Y5/6 Football Tournament

On Thursday 7th March, a small group of Y5/6 boys and girls took part in a football tournament against many other Poole schools. Thank you to all the staff at Talbot Primary School for hosting and organising a really enjoyable tournament. Mr Barton, Miss Fripp and Mr Paterson were extremely impressed with the resilience, sportsmanship and behaviour shown by all HPJS pupils.

08.03.19 – Y4 Swimming Gala

On Friday 8th March, 12 children from Y4 took part in a swimming gala competition at Rossmore Leisure Centre. For most of the children, this was their first ever experience of taking part in swimming races and doing so against other local schools. Despite only having a couple of training sessions, all the children should give themselves a huge pat on the back for their brilliant confidence and attitude towards giving it their best shot. In a very hot, sweaty swimming pool, the children also displayed superb listening skills throughout. Amazing effort from everyone, well done Y4.

08.03.19 – Y5/6 Handball Tournament

After participating in handball PE lessons during this term, the timing of this tournament was good for HPJS. A mixed team of eight Y5/6 pupils headed over to Carter Community School to compete against other schools. Poor weather forced the tournament to relocate and take place in Carter’s sports hall. It was a great to see over 16 primary aged schools all competing against each other for a chance to finish in the top 4 and earn a place at the Dorset School Games Finals in the Summer term. Right from the first match, HPJS showed great determination and effort whilst applying so many of the skills learnt during their PE lessons. HPJS worked expertly as a team and managed to win all of their matches. This means the team advances to the Dorset School Games Finals where they will compete against other regional winners from North Dorset, East Dorset, Bournemouth and Christchurch. Thank you to everyone at Poole Phoenix Handball Club and Carter Community School for putting on such an enjoyable event. 

12.03.19 – Y3/4 Multiskills Festival

Well done to all the Y3/4 children who took part in the Multiskills festival at Carter on Tuesday 12th March. All children take part in numerous fun sports activities with the focus on enjoyment rather than competition. Everyone did brilliantly and represented HPJS extremely well.

14.03.19 – Y6 Netball Festival

On Thursday 14th March, our Y6 netball team participated in the Poole Netball festival. Thank you to Ann Welch and all the staff at Oakdale Junior School for organising. The Y6 team played some really good netball and shown countless moments of resilience and determination. All the staff and children really enjoyed the festival across lots of local schools.

15.03.19 – Y3/4 Multiskills Festival  

Another Multiskills festival! On this day, a different group to the previous one attended another Multiskills festival at Carter. Like the previous one, the main of the event was for all children to have enjoyed it and want to participate in more sport on a regular basis. The event certainly did this! All the children had a blast. Miss Fripp was also really impressed with their behaviour and listening skills.

18.03.19 - Y5/6 Football HPJS v Lockyer’s Middle School

This was the much anticipated semi-final match of the Poole Football league. HPJS faced Lockyer’s Middle School, a team they had already drawn 0-0 against earlier on in the competition. As expected, there was little to separate the teams with both sides playing good football and defending really well. After HPJS did well to create chances to score, it was Lockyer’s who took the lead. The game ended HPJS 0 – 2 Lockyer’s Middle. Understandably so, all of the boys were disappointed at the full time whistle, however, all the staff at HPJS are so proud and impressed with what they have achieved. Roll on next season and might go all the way :)

20.03.19 – Y3/4 Netball v Springdale First School

On Wednesday 20th March, 10 boys and girls from Y3/4 played some netball matches against Springdale First School. For many of the children this was the first time they had played netball against another team, however, you wouldn’t have known it! They were passing the ball around like seasoned professionals. HPJS also showed a great attitude despite being up against strong opposition. Well done to everyone involved, we hope you enjoyed it!

21.03.19 – Y5/6 Girls’ Football Tournament

On Thursday 21st March, eight Y5/6 girls took part in a football tournament at Talbot Primary School. Thank you to Talbot for organising and hosting. The girls played a few matches against other teams and showed great effort and attitude. HPJS managed to record a couple of wins and 1 defeat. As always, the girls should also be commended for their behaviour and listening skills – they represented their school brilliantly!

25.03.19 – Y5/6 Tag-rugby v Longfleet Primary School

What a great first tag-rugby fixture of the year for Y5/6! In the glorious sunshine, each HPJS team played two matches against two different Longfleet teams. Despite not having played any tag-rugby since the Autumn term during PE lessons, all the boys and girls applied great skills and followed all the rules expertly.

28.03.19 – Y3/4 Football Tournament

Thank you again to Talbot Primary School for hosting this football tournament. HPJS really enjoyed themselves and had many moments of skills and bravery. Well done to the HPJS team for working really hard and for positively encouraging eachother throughout.

Mr Barton, Miss Fripp and Mr Paterson would like to say a huge thank you to all parents, carers and adults for their support this month. It is really appreciated.

"The teachers are kind and friendly. All the students are positive and kind. " Phoebe Yr 4