“This school is great because all of the teachers are nice and friendly.” Jess Yr 3

Year 3&4 netball tournament at Baden-Powell

The girls and boys competed in their first netball tournament of the year. Both schools had four teams competing against each other, they only had two courts set up so the players that weren’t playing helped to cheer on their team mates. Some of them had learnt netball in P.E and also trained at after school club. Mr Barton, Miss Fripp and Mr Paterson were really impressed with everyone’s effort and behaviour. Hamworthy played and represented extremely well against Baden-Powell. Thank you to all the parents and adults who came to support. Well done everyone.

Mr Barton, Miss Fripp and Mr Paterson

"This year we have introduced some new workshops to explore what 'Anti Bullying Week' means to us as a school. We looked at how random acts of kindness can bring a smile to peoples faces and how important it is to recognise our strengths and all the things that make us unique and awesome! " Anita Brown - Pastoral Care Manager