“I enjoy all the different types of sport we get to do. ” Charlie Yr 6

Year 3 and 4 tag rugby friendly V Longfleet

HPJS went to Longfleet to compete in a tag rugby tournament. The boys and girls have not played tag rugby for a while, so we did a quick recap of rules on the bus and then the children were off and competing. The children started off a bit tentative with their opponents and getting the rules. Once they had played for a while they were converted into tri scoring machines, who just kept running! The children put all efforts into the games and showed Longfleet respect by thanking them for hosting and by shaking their hands after each game. A huge thank you to parents and adults for their support. Well done Hamworthy!!

Mr Barton, Miss Fripp, Mr Paterson

"This year we have introduced some new workshops to explore what 'Anti Bullying Week' means to us as a school. We looked at how random acts of kindness can bring a smile to peoples faces and how important it is to recognise our strengths and all the things that make us unique and awesome! " Anita Brown - Pastoral Care Manager